Getting reacquainted

This was a day of revisiting old hills in new ways. The route from Coniston Old Man to Wetherlam in either direction is one of the classic lake district rounds. It’s one I’ve done numerous times and will likely go back many more, but not on this occasion, or at least not in the usual … Continue reading Getting reacquainted

Days we dream about

If like me you spend a decent amount of time in the hills and mountains of the UK then you’ve probably spent more than your share of days slogging uphill in the rain wondering why you ever thought this was a good idea. Sometimes, just occasionally, the stars align, the weather gods are feeling benevolent … Continue reading Days we dream about

Smells like spring

If I had any readers they’d have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around here. Partly due to a busy life doing other things, partly because the few times I have been out I just haven’t felt like writing. As the weather starts to turn a little warmer then that strange little something deep … Continue reading Smells like spring

Peace in the rain

This post is really about why I go walking at all. Like many people these days I spend my working days at a desk, in an office, in front of a computer screen. However it wasn’t always that way. I was brought up in rural Northumberland surrounded by the pennines. Hadrian’s wall was just another … Continue reading Peace in the rain

High Cup Nick

My partner and I were heading off to the lake district for the New Year and also trying to find time for a walk with some friends which we were all determined to fit in some how. After a bit of head scratching and perusing of maps we settled on High Cup Nick in the … Continue reading High Cup Nick

Wheeldale Moor

This walk actually happened on Monday 20th December 2015 but this blog didn’t exist back then. Every year I like to take a decent chunk of time off over the Christmas period. Every year I imagine the cold clear blue skies over the snowy mountains. Something like this. More often than not the reality is grey … Continue reading Wheeldale Moor

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