Gadding about the place

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Feel free to stay a while. There’s nothing much to see yet but things will appear in the fullness of time. This is mostly a place for me to collect my walking trips around the UK and occasionally further afield. Over the years I’ve collected a few thousand photos of various pointy lumpy bits of England, Scotland and Wales. Mostly these end up sitting on the hard drive of my laptop unseen by anyone so I thought I’d create a space to share them. I write for myself and posts are likely to be intermittent depending on how often I can get out. Comments will always make me smile but please be nice. I’m no photographer and I make no apologies for the quality of the images. These are basically my holiday snaps taken with a simple point-and-click camera

There are 4000+ images from previous trips on my partners flickr account should you care where we’ve been before. Realistically the chances of me ever migrating all of those over here are pretty close to zero so I’m going to use this first entry to post small selection of favourites. At least there will be something pretty to look at until I get around to writing some more content.

Skye – Looking down into Loch Coruisk
Skye again – part of the Cuillin ridge
Torridon – Beinn Alligin across Upper Loch Torridon
Sunset on Loch Torridon
Langdale pikes – This is what winter is supposed to look like
The Scafell massif from Great Gable
Ennerdale on a glorious September day

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